Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 with Urdu and English Subtitles

According to this picture which I got from the power record of Barbaros, in the accompanying scene, this expert will get back to see Zainab. While Peter saw him betraying.

According to this, either Khizr will fight with the stones and escape starting there or it may happen that Khizr himself will be gotten.

However, have the choice to discard this trained professional. Moreover, clearly, according to this photo, this expert almost certainly comes to teach Zainab in regards to Khizr.

Furthermore, in the event that we talk about the Arooj, Arooj in the whole series has not yet been exhibited to be frail to the point that it might be gotten by customary officials like them.

Urooj will escape from them for sure and subsequently Zainab will enlighten Urooj about Khizr. Moreover, in the accompanying scene, we will see the climb again doing combating with these Christians.

Moreover, we will similarly see how Arooj saves his kin Khizr and Niko.

Along these lines, Arooj will suffer, in any case, Khizr and Niko will risk themselves and set the expert free. That is, they will be gotten. Regardless, the expert will help him escape.

Toward the start of this scene of Bar Bruce, you will see Kalamanush showing Petro sitting in his palace room taking a gander at the guide. The entire of Bahram has been soaked in blood to arrive at Kala Manush Vetak, Ashbalia, Greece, and presently Alexandria straightforwardly. “We were unable to arrive,” says Petro’s accomplice, Diego.

Be that as it may, the distance is sufficient. At any rate, you have said that such extraordinary power can’t be acquired without any problem. He answers that it is difficult. I knew it and it was difficult, yet this time we are extremely close. Diego has shown up.

I’m certain he is an incredible power. At the point when he goes under our control, all that will change. I won’t be only a horseman or a killer. Just the person who weds the little girl of the Holy Father will actually want to turn into a spouse. In the interim, there is a thump on the entryway and an officer goes into the room and lets Petro know that the time you have been sitting tight for has shown up.

Petro comes out and the warriors in the designation tell Petro that Mr. By request of the Pope, we have gotten the island free from Assyria of the relative multitude of billions of wild follows.

And afterward one of the troopers focuses to the gear and says that it is all steel and gold blades and defensive hardware of your decision. On this Petro asks what number of boxes have you brought? The trooper reacts by saying, “Fifty Ark, sir.” The snags that are left are fifty boxes.

We will push these forests and infidels into inns and empty fields, and even the strongest of them will disappear. Saying this, he hoists his hat towards the sky and then orders the soldier standing beside him to bring the gifts of our friends at night.

At night he points to the soldiers and the soldiers place a box full of gold in front of the delegation and the head of the delegation sees all the gold coins and says, “Sir, they were not so precious to us.” He says that all this is not in exchange for what you have brought.

This gold is the profit of your next war. The soldier asks him where to attack now. Mr. Petro says it will not be enough to get them out of Spain

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