Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In preceding episode, Pietro comprehends that Oruj has escaped with Esther, however doesn’t observe them on the grounds that he honestly has the ee-e book. Isabel allows Isaac with identifying who Yorgo is. Despina is livid together along with her father for now no longer leaving Alexandria. Upon his re-look of Alexandria, Hizir analyzes Esther besides can’t locate. Isaac tells Oruj that he noticed Yorgo retaining watch and requested him multiple requests. Oruj in the beginning supplied Despina a request and a quick time later went to Isabel. Pietro is going to Silvio’s workplace and solicitations that he locate wherein Mohamed’s professional is

When Oruj and Hizir have been analyzing the way to get the ee-e book returned, Dervish got here and defined the importance of Abu Muhammad. Oruj comprehended that they predicted to locate Mohammed straight away and straight away began out seeking out Hayrabai. Pietro went together along with his warriors to the baffling base of Hayrabai and stated them to kill every person beside Muhammad. Oruj moreover despatched part of his warriors and endeavored to locate Hayrabay It changed into exceptional for him to unexpectedly assault and kill every person

Pietro took Mohammed to his boat and allow him in on they could be in Rome rapidly. Pietro asks Silvio for one extra warfare vessel to assure Mohammed and is going to Karpathos, wherein he thinks it’s miles secured. Oruj delegates one in all his guys to discover the gold withinside the lodging. As she assessments her father’s new reports, Isabel sees that Unita has given multiple warships new missions and finally ends up being exceedingly questionable of the situation

Oruj comprehended that the quantity of Christian heroes changed into too large and stated that his friends take a shielding position. Burak Reis got here to the island shockingly and stated he could assist Turkey to serve the Ottoman Empire. Pietro changed into very astonished and ran returned to his boat with Mohammed. Hizir prepares Pietro and works some thing up with him. By distinctive feature of Burak, Oruj gained the contention. Burak stated the Ottoman Empire could now no longer overlook to take into account what Oruj did. Hizir hurts Pietro and throws him from the boat into the sea

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