Barbaroslar SO2 Episode 3

After speaking with the King of France, Hayreddin goes to the harbor and attacks Doria. Doria begins fighting to save her own life. Hayreddin attacks with all his might to kill Doria. Godfrey comes to Doria’s aid and stops Hayreddin. Doria uses this opportunity to quickly escape to her ship. Aydin goes to a tavern to eat and begins waiting for Hayreddin. Godfrey calls in the Grand Admiral’s other soldiers and begins to stop Hayreddin. Doria returned to the ship and said that she would see Hayreddin again. Marcella sees Aydin eating and talks to him. Aydin says the food is very good. Marcela says she used snails for this dish. Aydin leaves the tavern and throws up, and Hayreddin arrives.
Charles learns that a new ambassador is from Venice and that Barbarossa has sent his family to Istanbul. Charles begins to wonder what Barbarossa is up to. Najife makes a deal with a porter to work at the port, but Sayyara breaks the deal by saying the man is a thief. Yahya says she wants to go to Oliva before going to Venice, but she is unable to convince the captain. Valeria sneaks out of the house to talk to a wealthy Venetian merchant. Valeria asks Oliva for help to get back, but Trader asks her to be patient.That night, Hayreddin enters the mansion with a spear prepared by Dervish and prepares a document with the governor’s seal. The guards see Hayreddin and begins to chase him. After talking to the merchant, Kemanketh learns that Hayreddin’s family is in town and he says he wants to talk to them. After reading a message sent by Charles, Doria prepares to go to Istanbul.
What will be the new story depict? How to cover the new concept in the story? What will be the desires of enemies? How to overcome the situation that Barbarosa is facing? What will the new story reflects? How to improve their status?

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