Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 6 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 6
Barbaroslar is an exciting and thrilling series of four brothers. They perform their duties bravely and shows honesty in their work. If somewhere bad happen, they always remain ready to help poor people. They fought with their enemies with courage and show their determination through their work.
Review of Barbaroslar Episode 5
In Barbaroslar Episode 5, Just as Jafer is going to explode the boat, Oruj appears and tries to stop him. Jafer indeed attempts to explode the barrels of black powder, yet Oruj overwhelms him. After Khizir is penetrating openings in Radko’s boat, he returns and tells about the situation happening with Zeynab. Radko needs to go to a protected harbor to save his boat. Pietro sorts out a banquet and lets Antuan know that he will give him a solid armed force. Antuan is amazed to see this military. Pietro tells Antuan to use “Black Pirate” his name from now onwards and assault Oruj. Oruj tries to know about Jafer that for whom is he working for but he can’t succeed in doing so. The next morning, Ishaq, Khizir, Niko, and Zeynab appears safely in Alexandria. As Zeynab decided to gain shelter at the same time Khizir started to find Ester covertly. In the mean time, Esther attempts to bring in cash by telling the future fate of the customers on the boat. Oruj converses with his team and lets them know that they will uncover Unita’s messy work. The mariners acknowledge what Oruj says. Khizir discovers Esther on the lookout and says he needs to converse with her. Esther fears Khizir and begins to flee. Khizir knows how to intake the Ester from one of the pathways, but Radko caught them. Radko’s men start to assault, and Esther indeed get away. Khizir battles the soldiers of fortune for a brief time frame and afterward begins to flee with Niko. Sylvio discovers that Unita will accomplish something significant soon and says he will begin planning for it. Pietro begins conversing with Antuan and says that he will transform himself into a pirate that will panic all Muslims. Antuan can’t understands what Pietro is saying but continuously hearing him with attention. Sylvio tells Radko that Khizir went to Oruj’s home and gives him new troopers. Isabel hears her dad’s words and flees from home. A portion of Antuan’s new officers make a move to assault Oruj’s boat. Oruj understands that the pirates are going to assault and requests that his companions plan to shield the boat. Pirates start to assault the boat, yet Oruj’s guard is fruitful. Many of the pirates died on during the assault. Ilyas go to the pirate. The pirates says that If we assault on the plan area it would not be an issue they will attack on the Muslims area. Oruj is not ready to accept the pirate words, yet Ilyas is trying to save the area. Isabel went to Oruj’s home and inform them about the attack which is going to be occured by the enemies. Despina not understands the words of Isabel, yet Ishaq quickly makes a move. Oruj and Ilyas squabble about what the pirate said. Khizir begins searching for Esther that evening with Niko. Niko says he is drained, however Khizir persuades him. Radko proceeds to covertly follow Khizir. Zeynab sees that Ishaq is upset and attempts to comfort him. Khizir begins pursuing Esther lastly catches her. Ester doesn’t believe that Khizir is Suleiman’s companion and attempts to escape once more. Oruj and his companions before long halted the pirates who were attempting to consume the town. Oruj says this is exceptionally simple and cautions his companions. Khizir convince Esther and moves with her to go to the shelter. Oruj and his companions went back to their boat. Antuan sees all the situation from the distance and arranges the Orug’s boat. Radko stops Khizir in the woods and says he will kill him this time.
What would be the next step of Oruj? Will he reach the pirates and punish them? What would be the next step of pirates? To know all the queries, connect with Historic series.

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