Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 5 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Episode 5
This is thrilling and adventurous series of 4 brothers. They sail on seas and fought with pirates. They perform their duties with courage and honesty. They help others to save them from the dangers. This is an exciting series.
Review of Barbaroslar Episode 4
In Barbaroslar Hayrabay discovers Sahin and gives this information to Oruj. The next morning, Oruj takes action to get Muhammad and his partners back. Sahin says he will not give prisoners and attacks Oruj. Muhammad gets away from the tent. Kilic Bey and his heroes come. Kilic demands that Oruj pardon Sahin and says he cares him like his kid. Oruj takes his colleagues and starts looking for Muhammad. Khizir, Ishaq, Niko and Zeynab set out for Alexandria. Pietro in a little while learns of Khizir’s journey and demands that Radko stop them.Pietro badly kills Sylvio’s troopers and breaks into his office. Pietro explodes with Sylvio for giving Oruj an undertaking and demands that he find another worker. Meanwhile, Isabel appears, and Pietro leaves the working environment like nothing had happened. Dervish visits Oruj and tells him that everything is acceptable and well. Oruj neglect to truly see what Dervish is saying and says he will remain by to some degree more. Khizir goes through the late evening scrutinizing the book he found in Suleiman’s shop. Asiye tells Despina that Yorgo is staying at her home.Sylvio calls Jafer and applauds him for what he has done in the port. Sylvio blesses Jafer with the task of checking a boat bound for Thessaloniki. Oruj buys Isabel a present to express profound gratitude to her. Yorgo talks with Despina without a doubt and endeavors to persuade her. Oruj tells Isabel that he couldn’t buy a boat because of the unexpected extension in costs. Isabel says she knows the reasons and will help him. Jafer gets uncommonly angry with respect to the current situation, yet he can’t do anything. Oruj later meets with Isabel and gets some data about Unita. Isabel is amazingly shocked by this, but Oruj says that he will reveal Unita’s untidy work. Sylvio gets very incensed with Isabel subsequent to progressing events and slaps her. Oruj and his sidekicks prepare to go to Thessaloniki. Pietro’s men find Poseidon and get him to the jail the royal residence. Poseidon neglect to truly see what happened, yet Pietro starts to convince him. Khizir talks with the boat’s captain and rapidly devises a plan. The captain says there is only one gun prepared. Khizir and Niko ricochet into the sea and begin to hurt Radko’s boat from lowered. Oruj and Ilyas get Jafer before the impact. Jafer says the perilous circumstances will explode soon and endeavours to move away. Radko’s men start ending weapons in a steady progression anyway misfire. Ishaq and the officer nearly sink Radko’s boat. Oruj and Ilyas start to fight Jafer at the boat. Radko grasps him but can’t get Khizir and the book so he decides to escape before his boat sinks.
What would be the next step of oruj? How they eliminate the evil from the land and seas? What will happen with these four brothers next? to know the queries keep watching Historic Series.

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