Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 29 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 29 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In Barbaroslar episode 29, After Oruj releases Gabriel, he returns to Kelemez
moreover, rapidly starts looking for Sahbaz. Gabriel starts whipping himself for
losing Levitha. Gabriel says that Sahbaz will make more harm the Turks by using
his men in Kelemez. Oruj goes to the practices office yet can’t find Sahbaz
there. Sahbaz comprehends that he wants to leave Kelemez and asks his men in the city
to pursue everyone.

A man shoots Oruj, yet Antuan atonements himself to save his buddy life. Oruj
demands that the sailors take Antuan to the city immediately. Meryem says she will quickly enter the boat in
the sound to get Sahsenem. The expert disposes of the shot from Antuan body anyway says that he lost an extraordinary arrangement
of blood. Khizir finds that Meryem is going to the bay and leaves to stop Sahbaz.

Meryem says Khizir will come paying little heed to anything more. Oruj says Pasha has been
protecting Sahbaz this time and demands that he be rebuked. Oruj says he won’t allow Pasha to
hurt the island any longer and solicitations Hamza for full control from the island. Hamza recognizes this arrangement and asks
Pasha to guarantee faithfulness to Oruj.

The expert says that Antuan life is at not kidding risk. Dervish puts his hands on Antuan
chest. Meanwhile, Antuan begins to have a dream. Antuan sees his darling, whom he lost quite a while ago, and
starts talking with her. Antuan darling says that she transformed into a Muslim before she passed on and demands that he help
his associates. Antuan stirs before long. Sahbaz goes to an island and continues to advance by setting
Several men help Sahbaz with moving away. Sahin is incredibly disturbed for killing his sister and says he will justify her. Khizir
saves Meryem and says she will be well soon. Pasha says Oruj will generally not be able to shield this island,
nevertheless, Hamza demands that he submit to the public power demand. A short time later, Oruj comes and tells that Sahbaz went to
Modon with Meryem. Hamza demands that Oruj invite confirmation on this issue.

in next episode Khizir goes to Modon castle and demands that Gabriel convey
Sahbaz. Gabriel says that Sahbaz is as of now an inhabitant of Venice and will not at any point hand
him over. Sahbaz and Sahin start to fight, but Doge stops them. The Doge offers
Khizir a chest of gold to give up the work, yet can’t persuade him. Antuan goes
to a cellar that evening and hears a man scrutinizing the Qur. Antuan later sees Dervish
additionally, teaches him concerning his dream.
Pasha says he will joyfully help Ilyas. Hamza asks Oruj
to stop the contention plans, yet he can’t convince him. Sahbaz says that he
will send a lot of privateers to Kelemez by including his man in Pasha spot, and Doge
likes this arrangement beyond a shadow of a doubt. Ilyas banters with Oruj to bring the boat he bought to the
port and gets his support. Once more oruj demands that Ilyas return, but he doesn’t
modify his point of view.


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