Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 28 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 28 with Urdu and English Subtitles

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In Barbaroslar past episode, After Oruj releases Gabriel, he returns to Kelemez
moreover, rapidly starts looking for Sahbaz. Gabriel starts whipping himself for losing Levitha. Gabriel says that Sahbaz will make more underhandedness the Turks by using his men in Kelemez. Oruj goes to the practices office yet can’t find Sahbaz there. Sahbaz values that he really needs to leave Kelemez and asks his men in the city to attack everyone.
In Barbaroslar past episode A man shoots Oruj, yet Antuan penances himself to save his friend life. Oruj demands that the sailors take Antuan to the city immediately. Meryem says she will quickly enter the boat in the sound to get Sahsenem. The arranged capable kills the shot from Antuan body yet says that he lost a lot of blood. Khizir learns that Meryem is going to the sound and gives to stop Sahbaz.
In Barbarossa past episode Meryem says Khizir will come paying little mind to anything. Oruj says Pasha has been defending Sahbaz this time and demands that he be spurned. Oruj
says he won’t allow Pasha to hurt the island any longer and asks Hamza for full control of the island. Hamza sees this strategy and deals that Pasha guarantee dedication to Oruj.
In Barbarossa past episode The expert says that Antuan life is at dead genuine bet. Dervish puts
his hands on Antuan chest. Meanwhile, Antuan begins to have a dream. Antuan sees
his dear, whom he lost a surprisingly long time back, and starts chatting with her. Antuan sweetheart says that she changed into a Muslim before she passed on and demands that he help his sidekicks. Antuan blends before long. Sahbaz goes to an island and continues to advance by setting
A couple of men help Sahbaz with moving interminably. Sahin is particularly disturbed for killing his sister and says he will legitimize her. Khizir saves Meryem and says she will be well soon. Pasha says Oruj can usually not protect this island, yet rather Hamza demands that he conform to the public power demand. A short period of time later, Oruj comes and tells that Sahbaz went to Modon with Meryem. Hamza demands that Oruj invite evidence on this issue.
Barbarossa past episode Khizir goes to Modon castle and demands that Gabriel convey Sahbaz. Gabriel says that Sahbaz is now an inhabitant of Venice and will not whenever hand him over. Sahbaz and Sahin start to fight, yet Doge stops them. The Doge offers Khizir a chest of gold to give up the work, yet can’t persuade him. Antuan goes to a storm cellar that night and hears a man investigating the Qur. Antuan later sees Dervish and fills him in about his dream.
In Barbaroslar past episode Pasha says he will joyfully help Ilyas. Hamza asks Oruj to
stop the question plans, yet he can’t convince him. Sahbaz says that he will send a
heap of privateers to Kelemez by recollecting his individual for Pasha spot, and Doge slants toward this methodology definitely. Ilyas chats with Oruj to bring the boat he bought to the port and gets his
ensuring. Once more oruj demands that Ilyas return, yet he doesn’t have a significant impact on his point of view.
The coming episode of barbarosa will be on air on april 22, 2022. are you waiting for hizr to cut shehbaz head, what do you think about pasha, would kamal raees kill pasha or would leave him. are you people just amazed with new entries like dan diago also about new fights regarding modon castle. in the final scene uroj is likely to kill gabrial. To watch all these exclusive sights visit our website


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