Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 26 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 26 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In last episode, Hayrabay discovers Sahin and offers this facts to Oruj. The subsequent morning, Oruj takes movement to get Muhammad and his companions back. Sahin says he’ll now no longer provide prisoners and assaults Oruj. Muhammad receives farfar from the tent. Kilic Bey and his heroes come. Kilic needs that Oruj pardon Sahin and says he cares him like his kid. Oruj takes his colleagues and begins offevolved seeking out Muhammad. Khizir, Ishaq, Niko and Zeynab set out for Alexandria. Pietro in a bit even as learns of Khizir’s adventure and needs that Radko forestall them.Pietro badly kills Sylvio’s soldiers and breaks into his office. Pietro explodes with Sylvio for giving Oruj an project and needs that he locate some other worker. Meanwhile, Isabel appears, and Pietro leaves the operating surroundings like not anything had happened. Dervish visits Oruj and tells him that the whole lot is suitable and well. Oruj forget about to surely see what Dervish is pronouncing and says he’ll stay via way of means of to a few diploma more. Khizir is going thru the past due nighttime scrutinizing the ee-e book he located in Suleiman’s shop. Asiye tells Despina that Yorgo is staying at her home.Sylvio calls Jafer and applauds him for what he has executed withinside the port. Sylvio blesses Jafer with the project of checking a ship sure for Thessaloniki. Oruj buys Isabel a gift to explicit profound gratitude to her. Yorgo talks with Despina clearly and endeavors to steer her. Oruj tells Isabel that he couldn’t purchase a ship due to the surprising extension in costs. Isabel says she is aware of the motives and could assist him. Jafer receives uncommonly irritated with admire to the present day situation, but he can’t do anything. Oruj later meets with Isabel and receives a few records approximately Unita. Isabel is extremely taken aback via way of means of this, however Oruj says that he’ll monitor Unita’s untidy work. Sylvio receives very incensed with Isabel next to progressing activities and slaps her. Oruj and his sidekicks put together to visit Thessaloniki. Pietro’s guys locate Poseidon and get him to the prison the royal residence. Poseidon forget about to surely see what happened, but Pietro begins offevolved to persuade him. Khizir talks with the boat’s captain and swiftly devises a plan. The captain says there’s best one gun prepared. Khizir and Niko ricochet into the ocean and start to harm Radko’s boat from lowered. Oruj and Ilyas get Jafer earlier than the impact. Jafer says the perilous occasions will explode quickly and endeavours to transport away. Radko’s guys begin finishing guns in a consistent development besides misfire. Ishaq and the officer almost sink Radko’s boat. Oruj and Ilyas begin to combat Jafer on the boat. Radko grasps him however can’t get Khizir and the ee-e book so he comes to a decision to break out earlier than his boat sinks.


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