Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 15 with Urdu and English Subtitles

 Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 15 with Urdu and English Subtitles Pietro truly examines the chests of gold in the woods and trusts that his contenders will bring the guns. Khizir breaks a piece of the rudder to make the boat sail to an island. Huma says she will set up a surface studio in Alexandria and gets endorsement from the Emir for this work. Oruj shifts the course of his boat and blasts at Pietro’s boat. Pietro sees that the shaft of his boat is broken. Oruj’s amigos close the opening in the boat’s edge and proceed with the excursion.Sahin says that nobody can bet in the housing any more broadened, yet Sahbaz clashes with him. Sahbaz says that everybody can bet and like the motel. A man of Pietro’s comes to the motel and sales that Sahbaz observe where the gold will be passed on. Sahbaz requests that Jafer follow Oruj. Emir says goodbye to Hayrabay and sends him to Cairo. Emir fathoms that his position is in a perilous circumstance and starts searching for a better way than manage assault Oruj

In Barbaroslar Episode 15, Antuan didn’t kill Ilyas anyway he began his outing with him. Following visiting with the Emir, oruj again set off to search for Ilyas anyway by then he came to understand that he had at this point left. Shahbaz made a course of action to trap Oruj to stop him anyway he couldn’t win in it. Oruj talked with Isabel and starting there ahead, he glanced through the north port of the boat didn’t yet found anything

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, oruj got back and passed on a message to Ishaq. Piri was asked by Ishaq to establish a connection with spies living in Kalymnos and went out for Alexandria. Shahbaz was denied by oruj to leave the lodging. From here on out, Pietro’s courier came to there and got some data about the huge conditions to free to Ilyas. Messenger was sent back by oruj and he recognized the game plan of Meryem.

Antuan took chests of gold and left with Ilyas to the island which Pietro had told him ahead of time. Pietro told that he would use Ilyas to stop oruj and he would begin a conflict in the Mediterranean among the Christian and Turks. Meryem came to the imperial home and abandoned Pietro. Meryem has been welcomed for supper by Pietro. Pietro got a few information about her start. Meryem didn’t offer any explanation in regards to it and went to take a rest in her room.

that evening, Pietro met with a man of Venetian and informed him that he would join the regions of Christian. Meryem came to be comfortable with the space of Ilyas and rapidly she told this to khizir secretively. Quickly, oruj set out for Telendos and started to prepare for war. Oruj attacked when Leonardo was near take Ilyas from the fighters.

Rhodesian troopers were squashed by oruj quickly. Oruj clutched Leonardo. Again, Pietro speaked with Meryem and told her that he had conveyed something to her room. Right when Meryem went to his room, where he saw the pieces of clothing of his mother. By this, Meryem came to understand that he was Pietro, his lost kin various earlier years

In trailer of episode no 15, Antuan quit any misrepresentation of killing Ilyas and set out with him. Following conversing with Emir, Oruj endeavored to notice Ilyas anyway comprehended that they had at this point left. Sahbaz put out a catch for Oruj to stop him. Oruj instantly went to Telendos and began to prepare for war. As Leonardo planned to take Ilyas from the warriors, Oruj attacked. Oruj in a little while squashed the Rhodesian troopers and got Leonardo

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