Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 14 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 14 with Urdu and English Subtitles

in Barbaroslar episode 14, Pietro comprehends that Oruj has escaped with Esther, yet doesn’t follow them since he really has the book. Isabel helps Isaac with figuring out who Yorgo is. Despina is irate with her father for not leaving Alexandria. Upon his re-appearance of Alexandria, Hizir interviews Esther yet can’t find. In Barbarosalar (Barbarossa) episode 14 Isaac lets Oruj know that he saw Yorgo keeping watch and requested him a couple from demands. Oruj as of late introduced Despina a solicitation and some time later went to Isabel. Pietro goes to Silvio’s office and requesting that he track down where Mohamed’s planner is

Right when Oruj and Hizir were inspecting how to get the book back, Dervish came and explained the significance of Abu Muhammad. Oruj comprehended that they expected to find Mohammed rapidly and quickly started looking for Hayrabai. Pietro went with his troopers to the secretive base of Hayrabai and mentioned them to kill everyone beside Muhammad. Oruj similarly sent a part of his officials and endeavored to find Hayrabay It was exceptional for him to unexpectedly attack and kill everyone

Pietro took Mohammed to his boat and let him in on they would be in Rome as fast as time grants. Pietro asks Silvio for one more conflict vessel to get Mohammed and goes to Karpathos, where he thinks it is secured. Oruj consigns one of his men to explore the gold in the inn. As she checks her father’s new reports, Isabel sees that Unita has given a couple of warships new missions and ends up being outstandingly questionable of the situation. Diego endeavors to alert Pietro before he goes to Rome. The next day, Isabel says that Unita will send a couple of warships to Karpathos and a short time later to Rome. Oruj got where Muhammad and the book were. As Oruj Isabel tuned in, Yorgo saw it and needed to illuminate Despina in regards to it. Isaac astonished Yorgo and cut him

In Barbaroslar (Barbarossa)Episode 14 Oruj comprehended that the amount of Christian troopers was too colossal and mentioned that his mates take a monitored position. Burak Reis came to the island startlingly and said he would help Turkey in light of a legitimate concern for the Ottoman Empire. Pietro was particularly stunned and ran back to his boat with Mohammed. Hizir prepares Pietro and works something up with him. By virtue of Burak, Oruj won the contention. Burak said the Ottoman Empire would not neglect to recollect what Oruj did. Hizir hurts Pietro and throws him from the boat into the sea.

in Barbaroslar Episode 13, Pietro shoot his weapon, yet there is no fired in the gun. Khizir comprehends that Pietro will kill Dervish and tells him that the book is in Oruj’s home. Pietro sends one of his men to get the book. Sylvio demands that Oruj pass on Isabel. Oruj conflicts with him, yet Isabel goes to her father to save Ilyas. Oruj says he needs to go to the narrows to get the gold, however Emir says that he can’t go out inside the boundaries of Alexandria. Pietro embarks to the ocean with chests of gold. Oruj sees that the gold is on the way with the boat and says that he will deliver retribution on Emir from now into the foreseeable future. While Huma is hanging tight for the textures she purchased to show up, the trader comes and tells her that something is off-base.

In trailer of epi no 14 the orujs soldiers were injured by the enemies and then thet took them to the kalmeonis.  Ilyas were captured by enemies. Oruj go on ware and decided to not come back without his brother

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