Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 10 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In Previous Episode Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. They made the fuse long to run away, Ilyas!Aga Reis, you see the Cafer’s lions? Kill them! What are you waiting for, you idiots! I haven’t any aim to permit you to pass for now, Cafer. I’ll kill you!You are all going to the warehouse! I might not be defeated through you this time. Not this time. Cafer!Even if we mix all the lands of Alexandria with the waters of the seas……We can’t make a dust like you!Yareli, take this door down. Make manner. You are proper, Oruc.I made the fuse long.I’m uninterested in this.If I die, you’ll die, too! This story will quit here.Ilyas! Cover me!Cafer says he is out of staying power.Stop there! Why are you that bold to play with hearth? It is over, Oruc.It is enough for now, Cafer. There continues to be time for Hz.Azrael to fulfill us. For now. You are out of good fortune, brothers. Cafer is in the again. Tie the ones who’re alive. You stored our lives. Thank you.What was their problem? Pillage? You realize I talked about a secret to you. You realize I pointed out a secret to you. That is their trouble. What do you suggest? For what reason I need to resolve the book with me……They’re after it for the equal reason. But we need it for suitable……And that they want it for cruelty. I might not allow them to take it even if it’s going to cost my existence. You glaringly took all of the world on.

Hold on, grasp. Hold on. We have hung on greater than sufficient, Hizir. It is your flip now. We have sacrificed our life however we haven’t permit…… The essential thing be taken through the traitors, thank Allah. Thank Allah, master. Thank Allah. JiziH My son, locate Ester. Promise me. Promise me! I promise, grasp. I promise that I will discover her. And I will protect her. Huh, and…..Keep in mind the pages. Even a unmarried web page……Might carry exquisite information. This time, it’ll belong to the ones going after the knowledge. You will see it. But that is it for me, my Hizir. This is it. Say Allah, grasp. Say Allah.I endure witness that there is no god besides Allah…And I additionally endure witness that Mohammed is His prophet and servant. Aga Reis, are we going to attend just like this? Let’s attack them. There are lighting fixtures on the horizon. There ought to be a ship. There is something wrong with this, Diego. It became apparent from the fact that the deliver turned into now not on the location of meeting. We did proper with the aid of blowing out the candles. oBsiqThere aren’t one however two ships there. This does not look appropriate. Ebu Mohammad have to be in considered one of them. Someone acted earlier than us! Who should that be?I cannot apprehend them thru their clothes. But they should be Muslim sailors. The ships are too close to every different. They are going to board every other. Let them assault every different. We will finish them off. Things got less difficult for us Diego. We are going forward. Cannoneers! Get in function! Stop, calm down What’s it Diego? Are you questioning my orders?

No one. I held a grudge towards you. I did it out of my very own hatred.You are not that brave…..However something. We will study who holds your leash.I need to ask you some thing else.Unita.Couldn’t you study what is the employer you have been operating for? realize what they are.I need to examine the parts I do not know, Cater.You are as close with Slyvio as you are with Kilicoglu.Tell me.What is the reality behind Unita?I do not know extra than you know. I’m beating you not because you……Sneaked into my deliver, but because you’re mendacity. Now inform me. What do you already know approximately Unita? I do not know its leaders……All I know is that they may be more risky and more potent than humans think. They are strong sufficient to show these seas into a grave for each person. Even you, Oruc Bey.Even you.I have not shaken those seas yet! When my storm breaks out…..The whole world will see that for whom……Those seas can be a grave. My brother While looking to prevent from captivity, I myself got stuck. Here, I introduced you a few food. There isn’t any want, I’m no longer hungry. You can take it lower back. You don’t apprehend, Isabelle. You are gambling with hearth, however you aren’t aware.I actually have discovered the letters you concealed from me for years, father.-You don’t know what you’re speakme about.-I’ll keep my brother. Even if your powerful Unita, your trade union stands earlier than me……Even if they set the Mediterranean sea on fireplace, I’m going to save my brother from them.Wait, father. You will regret it. When you remember the fact that slap……

You’ll take into account that became the moment all catastrophes began.We are going to Zeynep s residence first, right Hizir? Of course, I might be honored. Well, we need to go to Oruc Aga as properly. But allow’s visit the orphanage first, then we are able to pass visit Oruc Aga all together afterwards. Right? Okay, inshallah we can. Let’s region Hamza to his domestic first……And he will have a great relaxation, then we will pass.

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