Barbaroslar SO2 Episode 2

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 2
Review of Episode 1
Hayreddin approaches an enemy ship in his boat. One of the guards stops him and he asks why he came. Hayreddin says his ship has sunk and immediately attacks the guards. Hayreddin speaks to the Muslim slaves on the ship and says he will free them. The slaves then attack and incapacitate the ship’s soldiers. Yahya is worried about his uncle, but Salih calms him down. Aydin tells Hayreddin not to disturb him and continues to wait. Oliva’s governor asks her daughter to prepare for departure to Granada and sends her to her waiting ship. Valeria does not want to be on that ship, she says, but cannot convince her father. Hayreddin sees someone approaching the ship. Valeria and the captain are preparing to board.
Hayreddin’s family comes to Istanbul and goes to the villa where they live. The knights say they learned the spy’s name and sent it to Charles. Hayreddin kills the knight and saves Osman. Osman says the spy has been exposed and there is a traitor in the Ottoman palace. Valeria fled her mansion and committed suicide by jumping into the sea. Yahya saves Valeria’s life and says she will send a letter to her father. Charles executes his five spies in the town square. After Hayreddin sends her Osman to her Payitaht, she speaks to Luna again and asks her to use her trader. Luna says it’s too dangerous to send a spy to Charles’ palace and asks Hayreddin to steal the governor’s seal. On the way to the governor’s house, someone kidnaps Hayreddin. Francois asks Hayreddin to lead the navy, saying that he will give him a lot of gold. Hayreddin immediately rejects this offer and goes to the harbor to kill Doria.
What would be the new series reflect? What will be the new lessons to be learnt? How it adds beauty in the series? What are the motives of hero? How to create the charming scenes in future? How they will defeat the enemies?

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