Barbaros S2 Episode 11

In Barbaroslar previos episode, Pietro realizes that Oruj has run down with Esther, but does n’t follow them because he still has the book. Isabel helps Isaac figure out who Yorgo is. Upon his return to Alexandria, Hizir interrogates Esther but is unfit to find out.

When Oruj and Hizir were agitating how to get the book back, Dervish came and explained the meaning of Abu Muhammad. Oruj realized that they had to find Mohammed as soon as possible and incontinently started looking for Hayrabai. Pietro went with his dogfaces to the secret base of Hayrabai and ordered them to kill everyone except Muhammad. Oruj also transferred some of his dogfaces and tried to find Hayrabay.

Pietro took Mohammed to his boat and told him they would be in Rome as soon as possible. Pietro asks Silvio for a new battleship to cover Mohammed and goes to Karpathos, where he thinks it’s safe. Oruj assigns one of his men to explore the gold in the auberge. As she checks her father’s new documents, Isabel sees that Unita has given several warships new operations and becomes veritably suspicious of the situation.

Diego tries to advise Pietro before he goes to Rome. The coming day, Isabel says that Unita will shoot several warships to Karpathos and also to Rome. Oruj understood where Muhammad and the book were. As Oruj Isabel heeded, Yorgo saw it and planned to tell Despina about it. Isaac snuck up on Yorgo and picked him.

Asia goes to Oruj’s house and tells Despina that Yorgo was killed in the request. Oruj and his sisters prepared for battle and set passage. Despina sees her father’s breathless body and blames Isabel for the incident. Isabel says she’s innocent, but Despina falls down the stairs during an argument. Dervish prays that Oruj and his musketeers will succeed.

Oruj realized that the number of Christian dogfaces was too large and asked his musketeers to take a protective position. Burak Reis came to the islet suddenly and said he’d help Turkey on behalf of the Ottoman Empire. Pietro was veritably surprised and ran back to his boat with Mohammed. Thanks to Burak, Oruj won the war. Hizir injures Pietro and throws him from the boat into the ocean.

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