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In Khairuddin Bar Bharosa preceding season Khidr Khairuddin become left by myself after the martyrdom of his three brothers Ishaq, Urooj and Elyas. The infidels had been celebrating the martyrdom of Arooj Raees. In Algeria, while the information of the martyrdom of Baba Urooj Raees and his partners reached, there had been shadows of grief everywhere. Thirteen thousand prisoners held with the aid of using Khair al-Din in Algeria. Because they couldn’t get a higher risk to break out. Among the prisoners had been twentyfour high-quality captains of the Crusaders. They used to name him Admiral. It become now no longer clean to govern them.Yet one night, those crusader prisoners reduce every different’s shackles and all of sudden attacked the squaddies guarding them. The surprising assault precipitated panic. Khairuddin Bar Bharosa and his warriors bravely fought this rebellion with high-quality braveness. The crusaders seeking to break out tasted the swords of the Muslims. The bloody warfare lasted for numerous hours. Three hundred crusaders.Prisoners killed, maximum wounded. There had been Turks all around the place. The negligence of blinking withinside the blink of a watch ought to have removed all of the Turks in a second. We had no time to grieve. When the information of the martyrdom of Urooj Raees reached.I had determined that now my existence has most effective one goal. I will maintain to stroll in this direction and I will stay my existence like this. Like my brother Urooj Raees All 3 of my brothers had been martyred. I become left by myself. Allah, the Lord of Glory. Wisdom is the supply of wisdom. As quickly as I am alive.I without delay took precautionary measures in Algeria. Increase in order that the enemy does now no longer assault, however the enemy did now no longer dare to improve in the direction of Algeria That wintry weather had begun. I additionally spent the complete season getting ready for wintry weather. Repaired all boats, cannons and equipment.I did now no longer supply myself a unmarried second of opportunity. So that I don’t get a risk to consider my brother. Khairuddin’s love for Arooj become extra than that of his brothers. Rise become a lion. It become Khidr who persuaded Khair-ud-Din to combat withinside the manner of Allah.This is the motive why Khair-ud-Din’s coronary heart become packed with sorrow. On the alternative hand, the Crusaders had been mad with joy. Even earlier than he’s stored from a calamity.That is why the king of Hasmania despatched a messenger to Khairuddin. I started out to examine Charles Your brother and his. Many comrades had been killed. Now if certainly considered one among your palms is reduce off. I by myself can do nothing. Will stand up. Take your boats now, take your guys and without delay depart Algeria. Get out and be warned who stepped at the land of Africa again.Remember that is the closing warning, now no longer the message after that however Such I will ship an navy whose ships will visit sea and in case you meet in Algeria earlier than the King of Spain despatched the army to Algeria. It become predicted that he had already organized for the assault. The army had blanketed the horizon. Navy, together with Napoli, Skela, Germany, Belgium and different crusaders withinside the army had been challenge to Carlos. All dreamed of occupying Algeria had arrived. And I had already organized it. I become looking ahead to that time. I spent the wintry weather getting ready for the identical war. More than 20,000 squaddies have now commenced landing. A small range of Muslim Mujahideen had been attacking the infidels like wounded lions. Urooj Raees who become the daddy of a majority of these Mujahideen. Now the grief of the martyrdom of this. He slaughtered the disbelievers together along with his swords

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