Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 with Urdu and English Subtitles

before oruj pursued Dn Diego in the harbor to save the women. During the contention, Meryem and the women began to move away. Pedro stole Meryem and said he would take her to the mountain stop. Isabel took action to save Meryem. Oruj comprehended that the women were in danger and started looking for Pedro. Isabel stopped Pedro on the mountain road to save Meryem.
Meryem shot Pedro in the shoulder. dan Diego shot Meryem to save his day to day’s life. Rosa other than shot Isabel usually to get her compensation. Khizir and Oruj before long found the women hurt. Wear Diego immediately took Pedro to an educated power. Oruj took the women to Algeria, presently Selim stopped them. Piri calmed everyone down. Experts said the women were in a significant condition. Dervish showed up at Algeria and saw that Meryem was hurt.
Meryem quickly mixed and kicked the can only ensuing to hearing Khizir’s voice. Isabel kicked the bucket coming to fruition to seeing Oruj’s face for the last time. Oruj expected to hold the responsibility association in Kelemez. Yet again selim required his slaves from Oruj, yet when he couldn’t get them, he detonated his boat in the port. Oruj got a handle on that Selim did this and said that he would return back at him after he from Kelemez. A merchant referred to that Oruj stay in Algeria and help people.
Dervish said it was a sign and recognized the women ought to be requested in Algeria. Selim made a game plan with Don Diego to totally discard Oruj and said he would help Pedro. Following to talking with his uncle, Piri went with the group to go to Algeria. Pedro started to pursue Piri’s boats, yet Oruj ended the Spaniards with the boats he took from Selim. Oruj continued to seek after Pedro and killed him in Jijel. Dan Diego acquired from Rosa that his family had died. Khizir got Don Diego before he entered the city. entered the city.
The coming episode of barbarosa will be on air on May 20, 2022. are you waiting for hizr to get revenge of oruj, Hizr got title Barbarosa from his brother and also he got Khair uddin title from ottoman sultan Yauz Sultan. further he is going to distroy diego’s ships and take revenge of poor people of aljeria. To watch all these exclusive sights visit our website


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