Barbaros S1 Episode 3 Urdu

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 3

In Barbaroslar Episode 3, Poseidon returns to his ship with Ishaq. While Radko is instructing his soldiers, Pietro arrives and stops him. Pietro thinks something is hidden and asks Radko to check on Shehzade. Shehzade Murad tells Pietro that the man who came to kidnap him took the necklace. Pietro thinks this necklace could be very important. Zeynab tells Khizir that she has to return to Alexandria as soon as possible. Pietro writes a letter to the Pope and tells him that he will get the book of secrets soon. Khizir returns to Lesbos and gives the captured necklace to Suleiman. Suleiman learns what happened in Kalymnos and asks to keep the necklace in Khizir. Khizir then goes to Ishaq’s house, but there he sees the note that Poseidon left. Khizir later finds the dead bodies of Ishaq’s wife and children. Pietro secretly goes to the orphanage and sees Zeynab trying to heal Hamza. Oruj enters the cave to save Ishaq, but Poseidon’s soldiers stop him. Meanwhile, the pirates capture Khizir and this spoils Oruj’s plan. Khizir says everything will be alright and in the meantime, the war begins. Poseidon tries to sneak out of the cave. While Ilyas rescues Ishaq, Oruj catches Poseidon. Ishaq kills the pirate Poseidon and sets off to return home with his brothers.

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