Barbaros Season 1 Episode 25

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 25 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In the previous episode, Khidr and the levents, who were planning to save Oruç and Antuan as a trade-off for the consecrated things they had caught. That trapped in a major snare and went after by the deceptive warriors that Shahbaz had set in them, will siblings Oruç and Hızır, who seriously harmed in this assault. Have the option to overcome the tension they fell into and have the option to rejoin? Will Shahbaz’s injustice be self-evident? How will Ilyas respond, who needed to carry Şahbaz to the errand of water boss by the request for Messiah Pasha and unwittingly made ready for his siblings to killed? Furthermore, What sort of a showdown will happen among Oruç and Ilyas? While What will Oruç Reis do against Messiah Pasha, who drove Ilyas to lack of regard?

Meryem had slapped Şahsenem, who had incited her through Hızır with her allegations. How might my individual get back at Meryem? Can Isabel at last meet Oruç, whose way she has been sitting tight for with incredible yearning? Hamza Bey, the main clergyman of Prince Korkud, who came to Kelemez, shared with Sabit Pasha and Hızır that Levitha. Island ought to taken preceding a conflict among Venice and the Ottoman Empire began. Will Oruç, Hızır and their levents have the option to vanquish Levitha Island? What will be the new obstructions sitting tight for them on this way?

Following seven days break in our series, in the new episode, the normal name from the State-I Aliye, Şehzade Korkut, is at long last remembering for our series. Moreover, the grimy rounds of Personality, who understood his error and claimed to be on the upside, will be uncovered with the play set up by Meryem, with Ilyas’ determination of the new watermaster Shahbaz.
Which figures out how to tie its fans to the short of breath screens with its scenes loaded with energy and activity consistently. Is whether Oruç’s arm will cut off. While Hızır Reis was going to save Baba Oruç and Antuan from bondage in return for relics, with the mediation of the double crosser Shahbaz, Hızır and Oruç Reis attempted to stop them by harmed, yet Hızır Reis and Oruç Reis will actually want to endure the war zone with an extraordinary battle with the excess Levens. In the trailer, what we are most inquisitive about is that Oruç Reis’ arm is cutting off.

Oruç Reis, the main cure is to have his arm slice off because of the toxic injury he got. Despite the fact that Meryem harmed in the woods where she went to bring the plants. That will be a cure to the toxic substance, she harmed by the assault of Myself. Because of the plants fundamental for the cure, which developed on account of Izbelinin will be save.

Preview of episode 25
Following seven days’ break in our series, we began to see more ocean scenes and boats with the incorporation of Prince Korkut. The name anticipated from Devlet-I Aliye, in our series, which figured out how to interface its fans to the winded screens with an episode loaded with activity and energy. These scenes will increment slowly as the Barbaros Brothers meet up once more. Be that as it may, assuming you have any inquiries regarding the help of the sovereign Korkut from the state. What he needs to do about the Barbaros siblings.
Barbaroslar episode 25 in urdu will be upload on 1st of the April.


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