Barbaros S1 Episode 2 with Urdu

Barboras Episode 2
Barboras is an adventurous series of four accouraging brothers who will unaware the fears of death. They danger their life to fulfill their responsibilities. They fought with enemies such as sea pirates and save people from their brutal.
Review of Barboras Series Episode 1
The series begins as the troop of Oruc is seen in the ship carrying the logs including the gifts of the sultan. There were many members in the ship and guards performing their duties and running the ship. On the way father Oruc was observing the sea all around by his expertise. By doing so, they will reach the destination safely. Oruc observes that there would be pirates on the way, so that he motivated his men by an inspiring a speech. All the men were motivated and perform their duties. Oruc suspects that there is some wrong with the sea. He saw a pirate holding gun on them, he shoots him immediately with the arrow. He fell down and then the ship from the distance appears. They organize the ship for the protection and the attack. The sea war begins and the many people were injured. The pirates jumped on to their ship and attacking their men. They wanted to get the gifts sent by the sultan. But the father Oruc took the responsibility to take them safely. Oruc sent the leader inside the ship for protection. Then there was a great war between the two parties. Oruc killed many of the pirates and at last their leader. He hanged the pirate’s leader in his own ship. Then the leader of the oruc was attacked by his own men, but was saved. He thanked the father Oruc for saving his life and the gifts. All were reached the destination safely. Oruc was appreciated by all the people on the coast and the place when they hear that he killed the brutal pirate of the sea. Now they were safe and will sale the ship without any fear of being robbed. The celebration was conducted. They enjoyed the celebration; young men performed the taboo in their honor. Then the brother of the Oruc went to the inn while Oruc decided to go to his wife. He ate meal and make gossips with his wife. After that he decided to go to inn for the further sales matter. The owner of the inn was a lady waiting for him because she was worried after the incident. Oruc reached the inn and the lady annoyed at both the brothers about which they had done. But both the brothers were fearless and smiled and said nothing would happen and the enemy will never harm them. Then the head of the area was surprised with the action performed by the Oruc. He wanted his son to seek lesson from him. He decided to meet the Oruc and went to the inn to appreciate him. Oruc gained fame by his appreciation. Then the scene appears as the wife of the Oruc was filled with fear by knowing about the incident. She waits for him anxiously. Then on the other side of the scene the brother of the killed pirate was filled with rare and he wanted to kill Oruc at any cost. The other brothers of Oruc were on their way also. The elder brother was waiting for them anxiously and shared his feeling with his wife.

What will be the next step of the Oruc? Will he sail again on the way? What will the pirates do to take revenge? Will the other brothers of the Oruc will meet again? To know all the quires keep watching Historic series.

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