Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 17 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 17 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In preceding episode, Maryam says she did nothing. Pietros says that he’s going to die due to what befell to Leonardo. While Oroj is calling Leonardo a few questions, the Rhodes knights’ deliver starts offevolved to assault them. Gladious begins offevolved seeking out Khezir at the island to capture him. Oroj’s pals hearthplace the knights’ deliver and preserve on their way.

Together with Piri, Khezir assaults the knights after which is going to their deliver. When Gladious sees the corpses withinside the wooded area, he straight away is going to the port and attempts to prevent Khezir. Gladious can’t capture him, as Khezir punches holes withinside the boats withinside the harbor.Shahin says that he’s going to do Unita’s work.Shahbaz gadgets to his brother, however can’t prevent him.Shahbaz tellsShahin that he have to in no way make a mistake on this matter. A quick time later, Emir involves the lodge and says that Oroj defeated the Christians.

Oroj says that Ilyas have to marry Esther now and desires the marriage arrangements to be made as quickly as possible. Khezir secretly meets up with Maryam even as she is wandering across the island. Maryam tells Khezir what befell withinside the citadel and units off with him to visit Alexandria. Pietros learns that Maryam has left Kalymnos and orders Piri to be killed. Dervesh arrives even as Antoan and Leonardo are speakme withinside the cellar. Dervesh says it’s miles essential to assist the prisoners of battle and tells them approximately his religion.

Piri says that years in the past even as drawing a map of a citadel, a few Christian infantrymen attacked him. Piri keeps to inform her tale and says Dervesh stored her. Dervesh then takes Piri to the Sultan’s tent. Sultan appears on the drawings in Piri’s pocket book and realizes how proficient he’s. Sultan does now no longer punish Piri and asks him to preserve drawing maps.

The pirates withinside the lodge say that the exchange became broken because of the wars Oroj made. Piri says they did the entirety for the Muslims withinside the Mediterranean and beats the pirates. After Piri leaves the lodge, Pietros’s guys assault him. With the assist of Dervesh, Piri defeats the attackers. Piri acknowledges Dervesh and thank you him for his assist years in the past. That night, the marriage celebrations start at Oroj’s mansion.

Gladious assaults the ships shielding Lesbos and takes them in a quick time. Gladious asks the cannons at the ships to purpose on the island.Shahbaz makes a plan to take Leonardo from Oroj and takes action. The subsequent day, a masked guy enters the cellar and neutralizes Oroj’s infantrymen. Antoan could be very satisfied to peer this guy and thank you Pietros.

Isabel learns of her brother’s whereabouts and waits for Oroj withinside the wooded area to keep him. When Piri is set to capture Antoan and Leonardo,Shahbaz’s pirates prevent him.Shahbaz tells Leonardo who he’s and units out to take him to the port. Pietros meets with the representatives of the Christian states and tells them that they’ll quickly end off the Turks withinside the Mediterranean. A guy involves the citadel as Pietros says that Leonardo will come quickly. This guy is Oroj and he says he’s going to end Pietros’s plan earlier than it begins offevolved.

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