Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 with Urdu and English Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 with Urdu and English Subtitles

In previous Episode  of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı implies Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles. You took my snare and fell into my lap.But I told you.I consistently triumph when it’s all said and done the final say regarding the game.always triumph when it’s all said and done the final say regarding the game.I’ve played the demise card.But you will let me know the area of the golds, Oruc.You couldn’t likewise get the young lady you looking for.You all took the trap I cast.For you shed blood on my lands……then, the conflict begins now.

You are her.She is the young lady we are looking for!Catch her,Niko,Hizir Hizir is shot!Hizir is shot!Get up, Niko Get up! Come on, Niko!We retreat while fighting!Come on!Come on.You disappear. I will drive them back. So, we’ll go and you will battle? You are likewise coming, (some on!I said go away.Just pay attention to me.Come on.You comprehend the reason why I advised you to disappear now?I enjoyed this girl.I feel like I hostile to battling against the heavenly messenger of death.We neecPto get them right away.If we let Hizir get the girl……they can even tackle the mystery of the book regardless of the missing pages!Spread everywhereDon’t let them escape the island.As you command!You killed my sister. I’ll attack pieces.You can do it, assuming you make due, Ilyas.Kill them all That jerk is running.Try not to let him, warriors.The executioner retreated in fear and run like a dog!The executioner retreated in fear and run like a dogWe will get him!Eventually we will have him!We will take our revenge Aga Reis isn’t here all things considered. He wouldn’t ,waitjthere.I keep thinking about whether he didn’t get the word.Maybe he wasn’t in there.There isn’t anything we can do Ilyas.By helping Oruc, you sold out Unita.A canine that chomps the hand of its proprietor, kicks the bucket in anguish, Isabel.It was simply to save my sibling.Did you let Oruc know that the Unita’s chiefs planned to meet to save your kin as well?There was no alternate way for me to save my kin from you grimy bastards.If you give us the gold you took from us……only then, at that point, I will save your lives….only then, at that point, I will save your lives.Who are you?This face you see is the essence of Unita.

So in 11th episode The voice you hear is the voice of the Unita.Your life……and Isabel’s life rely upon the choice you will make, Oruc.Do you figure I would give up with the dread for my life?I reclaimed the gold you took from the poor people!That gold won’t ever be yours I trust you love your dearest ones however much you love those needy individuals you don’t know.For model your better half DespWhat happened to her?Nothing happened yet.But in case you don’t let me know where the gold is, something will happen.My men caught her.If you don’t give us the gold back, you will get her dead body.You don’t have Despina.You are saying that to make me talk.Where are Ilyas and your levents?Why aren’t they with yoInform Ilyas and the levents rapidly. We will go on a significant raid.Ilyas and the levents are not here, Oruc Reis.What do you mean they aren’t here? Where did they go?They went to save Despina, right?…they would be dead, very much like the levents that came here with you….they would be dead, actually like the levents that came here with you….they would be dead, very much like the levents that came here with you….they would be dead, actually like the levents that came here with you….they would be dead, very much like the levents that came here with you.I will have a hard time believing without seeing Despina.So be it. You will comprehend assuming I’m lying or not, when you see her with your own eyes.She is innocent.Do anything you desire to me.Don’t worry.We have a great deal to do with you, My aunt…I couldn’t save her.Oh my aunt…What will I say to Aga Reis?How will I take a gander at his face?How would i be able to let him know I was unable to save her?You did everything you could Ilyas.I couldn’t.I couldn’t save my aunt.And I was unable to cut that executioner’s head.Until I vindicate my aunt……I will not carry on with a cheerful day.Come on Niko. Come on.Come on ‘You’re harmed. Get a breath.Are you alright Niko?I’m OK sibling. I’m okay.You?Are you okay?I’m okay.It’s not the principal time.And it will not be the last.I can see you’re valiant assuming that you came to search for me.Even the wild ones in this island can’t contact me.No one at any point got as close as you.The secret gave me this power.You’re the light of this secret.The light of the secret.That’s a great epithet you gave me.

However, I’d prefer you call me by my name.My name is Meryem.It feels like……you’re not an inhabitant here.It feels like you constructed this island.You can call it that.I can even make it downpour when I need to.But my downpour is a smidgen deadly.We need to get to the shore now.The boat will come for us when it’s noon.They will not hang tight for long.If we miss it we’re stuck here.Come on.Isabel deceived Unita and all our values.Are you tragic for her?I do sir, Pietro.I’m so sad.But I’m miserable that this double crosser has my own blood.I gave my child to Unita……even however he was innocent……just to demonstrate my loyalty.And Isabel…..betrayed my qualities I committed my life to.This discipline is excessively light for her.We all abandoned our friends and family for our hallowed conflict, Sylvio.But we can’t just win this conflict by sacrificing.We must be vicious.I sent Alfeo to catch Despina.He hasn’t returned. Do you know why?No sir.God damn him.He should’ve been here at this point with Despina.Find out where he is Sylvio.As you wish sir.Welcome Father-D.ervish.Thank you.Sorry for your loss.Grief is challenging for the living.But you must be strong.Where is Oruc?He’s gone Father Dervish.He’s gone.He’s never been gone above and beyond this be?Why are you in such a hurry?Where is Oruc Reis?Oruc Reis left for a critical matter.It was a hazardous one.He sent word.He needs us to follow him.And he left this.There’s report about Kilic Bey.What about Kilic Bey?He died from a heart attack.What?!They covered him.I saw them acknowledge condolences.First Despina, then, at that point, Oruc Agha, and presently Kilic Bey!What’s continuing, Dervis?Kilic Bey has died.How will Hizir Agha come back?Don’t stress over Hiz Leave it to me.We haven’t been hearing from Oruc for some time.He may be in trouble.Go and get to Oruc. Come on.Let’s go, levents!We should get to O’rtic Txgfiva.Despina.Despina.They’re attempting to terrify you into letting them know where the gold is.These villains may be deceiving make suspicion.My heart…My heart hurts.I feel ill.Despina?

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