Barbaros Season 2 Episode 5

Previous Episode Review
In previous episode, Doria goes to the tavern and drinks before going to the palace. Francois tells Barbarossa why Henry is a prisoner and asks him for help. Hayreddin asks Francois not to end his alliance with the Ottomans and says that he will get Henry back soon. Hayreddin goes to Edirne in a short time and begins to tell the Sultan what happened in Sardinia. Kandiyeli kills Juan and the lieutenant on the roof so that his identity is not revealed. As soon as Charles returns to the palace, he orders Henry to be sent to the north locker and questions Batista about his report. Batista says he will write in his report that Francois cheated in the duel. Charles likes what Batista has said and says that they will soon become good friends.
Salih immediately goes to the roof to retrieve Kandiyeli’s dagger. The lord begins to examine the bodies on the roof. The Major says Juan and the lieutenant killed each other. Batista says that these men killed each other, and Kandiyeli secretly takes his dagger, which he dropped on the ground. Lord asks Pedro to find another pigeon keeper. Dervish realizes that the tunnel inside the palace is very long that night and wants to go back.
Hayreddin says Doria will go to talk to Charles. Dervish says he will make a mask to enter the tunnel. Charles goes to the dungeon that night and tells Henry what happened to Francois. Dervish says that he will make a hose using animal intestines and that this will supply air to the mask that Hayreddin will use. Luna tells that Pedro’s cousin Simon will go to the palace soon. As Batista delivers a message to the King, he hears the Lord’s words.
What will be the new story depict? How to cover the new concept in the story? What will be the desires of enemies? How to overcome the situation that Barbarosa is facing? What will the new story reflects? How to improve their status?

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