Barbaros SO 2 Episode 4

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 4
Review of Episode 3
In Barbaros Hayreddin preceding episode, Hayreddin tells his friends about the facts he learned. Salih involves Venice with Kandiyeli. After talking with the captain, Pedro units out to go to the market. Aydin says they cannot release the prisoners and asks Hayreddin to find a solution. Dervish thinks for a while and says he has a plan.
A wounded soldier goes to the castle and says he wishes to talk to the captain. Luna says Salih can ship messages with pigeons. Pedro is going to the tavern along with his bodyguards. Hayreddin says he desires to combat with the guards to get them out of the tavern. After what Aydin says, the guards pop out. Hayreddin begins preventing with the squaddies. Luna takes Pedro out of the returned door of the tavern and asks him to assist.
Nazife says that Pasha likes Seyyare. Seyyare says that she does now not assume of having married again. Kemankes starts to put together before Seyyare arrives. Halime warns her son and asks him to stay faraway from Seyyare. Kemankes says he loves Seyyare. Halime says she will now not let her son make mistakes and begins to make a plan approximately Sukufe. Hatice goes to speak to the guild chief to open a jewelry store and indicates him her previous work.
Valeria at once signs and symptoms to go back to Spain and returns to the mansion. Luna confesses that she loves Hayreddin and says she can preserve to assist him. Lord says Batista will talk to Charles quickly. Charles accepts Francois’ offer of a duel and invites him to the island of Sardinia.
What will be the new story depict? How to cover the new concept in the story? What will be the desires of enemies? How to overcome the situation that Barbarosa is facing? What will the new story reflects? How to improve their status?

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