Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Arslan episode 48

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 48
Review of Episode 47
Suleiman comes to the tribe and inquires everybody to comply his arrangement. Alparslan says that he now not sees Suleiman as his brother and leaves the tribe with some individuals of his family. Suleiman tries to halt his mother but falls flat. Three months pass and Alparslan starts to live in a mystery put within the timberland. Suleiman always searches for Alparslan with his officers, but cannot discover him. Greenery inquires Suleiman to remain within the royal residence presently and halt searching for Alparslan. Tughrul wakes up after his dream and realizes that he made a mistake. The royal residence specialist instantly calls Harun. Grigor says that Suleiman has totally misplaced himself. Leon says he has put a huge prize on Alparslan’s head which he will discover him before long. Grigor says that after Tughrul’s passing, everything seem get much more regrettable.
Suleiman stows away Sultan’s arrange from Alparslan and wakes up in the blink of an eye after. Greenery says she has been searching for Suleiman for hours. Whereas Serdar and Gulce are playing, they get absent from the tribe. Leon’s officers proceed to meander through the timberland. Alparslan finds Serdar and inquires him to return to the tribe. Suleiman converse with the Vizier and inform him that Alparslan is awared of everything. Leon spoke to Gevher and bring her to Constantinople. Leon afterward learns that the Byzantine troopers found Alparslan’s put within the timberland and instantly sets out. The vizier calms Suleiman and tells him that no one can take over the royal residence. The Turkmens in Kutalmis’s armed force start to induce restless. Kutalmis says he will not act until Tughrul kicks the bucket. The royal residence specialist says that the Sultan has passed on. Whereas Leon is meandering within the woodland, Alparslan begins to assault with bolts. Leon is harmed and covers up to spare his life.
What will be the new step of Muslims? How they will conquer new states? What will be the consequences of the conflicts among them? How they will remain unite? What will be the possible solution for their difficulties?

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