Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp arslan episode 44

In Previous Episode Flora tells the priest that she owns the soldier’s uniform in the church in the previous episode of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu and saves the priest’s life. The priest refuses Flora’s request for assistance. Celal is asked to be Altuncan’s bodyguard by Sultan. Celal immediately accepts the responsibility and expresses his happiness. Besasiri sneaks out of the dungeon in a merchant’s car and leaves the inn.

After reading an email to Alparslan, Seferiye discovers that Yusuf will now collaborate with the Lord. Alparslan heads back to the castle after declaring that Suleiman will now run the inn. Celal goes to talk to Besasiri after realizing that he is still alive. Celal claims that he accepted responsibility for Altuncan’s safety. Alparslan begins to suspect his uncle following Lord’s words, so he conducts research in the forest.

Yinal raises objections to everything and asserts that Alparslan is now acting out of line. Alparslan punches Yinal and claims that he killed Besasiri in front of the tribe as a whole. In the meantime, Tughrul stops everyone when he enters the tribe. Flora is asked why she went to Vaspurakan by Lord. The Lord is enraged when Flora finally confesses that she loves Suleiman. In his conversation with the Priest, Grigor declares that he will send his daughter to the monastery.

Flora and the priest soon set off. Flora says she wants to see Suleiman and asks the priest for help along the way. Alparslan later pays his father a visit and confesses to the murder of Besasiri. Sultan tells Alparslan a story to calm him down. Sultan describes Yinal’s upbringing and explains why he was kind to him.

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