Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Episode 42 Urdu

In Alparslan Season 2 Episode 43 the general appears with his soldiers at the same time, and when he sees Arsalan moving along the rope, he advises him to pull it down. The rope is hit by archers. When Al-Bursalan starts throwing bolts at the rope on his orders, it explodes. Lightning N seems to be raging in the city instead of a rope. When Doukas sees this, he explodes in rage. As they got closer, they called out, “Put up the pace, there’s not much left.” They figure out how to climb the wall at the same time with the help of their warriors. Dujin cuts the rope from a distance as he approaches, and despite being close to the wall, Hasan Sahib falls to the ground. Alpine Arslan series 43 legends in Urdu.

He is on the edge of the sword, and Hasan Sahib sees himself in spite of death. He also remembers the time of his childhood when he was in love with his little girl Aisha Khatun when she was with her soul mate near a tree. He said to his partner: Thank God that there will be a post-existence. All our desires will evaporate when we meet the Almighty. How about we see it? Caminus also arrives there with this Alphagus and other warriors at the same time. When he pursued Hasan Sahib’s clan near all this mine, he also killed the better half of Iqra’s mother, Timur Lingavi, and Hasan Sahib’s partner fled to his tent where their daughter sat and cried. Hasan Sahib lies on the ground near the back of this huge kiosk. By the time he saw her, Hassan Sahib’s better half was very scared. He was exceptionally frightened when he saw her. Then I must address you as Maryam. Having said this, he grabbed Maryam, Hasan’s partner, and shouted: “Leave me alone.” Not really, not now. You changed your religion, you changed your name, and you ran away with this beautiful lady every time I let you go. Not this time, Maria.

Without me, you will stay where you are.” Anyway, she said, “I never loved you.” Without a doubt. He stopped her attack. He stabbed him in the stomach and said, “I think you chose.” Subtitles for Arslan Snow Mountain Episode 44 in Urdu. said this. He also held out his hand to her girlfriend with her last breath. name.Moreover, I will teach him to hate the Turks like a true Byzantine.Maria, you can never rest.Maria did the same, closing her eyes.

Alparslan asserts when an idea arises. Remember that Timur Ling taught us. We will become each other’s strings. The appearance of the soldiers glows when they hear this. While Arsalan and Hasan stand against the wall, holding hands tightly. At the same time, Afshin follows the requests of Alif Arsalan and, with the help of two, climbs the wall. Avar follows Alif Arsalan’s requests and climbs the wall behind Afshin in Episode 43 “High Mountain Arslan Buyuk Selçuklu” with Urdu subtitles. In the light of Avar’s weight, Hassan Sahib’s body trembles. In any case, they quickly recover. Dacas, on the other hand, is also pushing his soldiers towards the rear of the fortress. Moreover, each officer uses a muscular rope to first climb the wall of Al-Arsalan and Hasan Sahib’s post. Subtitles for episode 43 of Snowy Mountain Arslan in Urdu. The soldiers as a whole, with the exception of Albar Arsalan and Hasan Sahib, climb the wall and teach Hassan Sahib to get up immediately. Arsalan, Hasan Sahib says no. Is it safe to say that you are verifying Hassan Sahib’s consent? I advised you to go. Thank you very much. The Sahib also begins to rise.

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