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Alp Episode 40 urdu

In Alparslan Previous Episode, Flora says that the soldier’s uniform withinside the church belongs to her and saves the priest’s life. Flora then asks the priest for assist however can’t convince him. Sultan asks Celal to be Altuncan’s bodyguard. Celal straight away accepts this project and says that he may be very happy. Besasiri sneaks out of the dungeon and leaves the motel in a merchant’s car.

Seferiye reads a message to Alparslan and learns that Yusuf will now paintings with the Lord. Alparslan says that Suleiman will control the motel now and units out to go back to the castle. Celal realizes that Besasiri isn’t always lifeless and is going to speak to him. Celal says he took the project of defensive Altuncan. After what Lord says, Alparslan begins offevolved to suspect his uncle and makes studies withinside the forest.

Yinal items to the entirety and says that Alparslan is out of line now. Alparslan says he killed Besasiri in the front of every body withinside the tribe and punches Yinal. Meanwhile, Tughrul involves the tribe and forestalls every body. Lord asks Flora why she went to Vaspurakan. Flora eventually confesses that she loves Suleiman, and this angers the Lord. Grigor talks to the Priest and says he’ll ship his daughter to the monastery.

The priest quickly units off with Flora. Flora asks the priest for assist alongside the manner and says she desires to see Suleiman. Sultan talks approximately Yinal’s youth and explains why he confirmed mercy to him.

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