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In Alparslan Previous Episode, The priest concurs to depart the town with the Lord. Before leaving the castle, the Sultan says that Alparslan’s selection to marry Seferiye turned into very correct. While Akinay is speaking to Sultan, a soldier comes and says that Caghri is critically injured. The Sultan straight away prepares to visit Merv.
While Altuncan turned into going to the palace, the carriage were given caught withinside the dust someplace withinside the forest. One of the squaddies rescues the chariot. Altuncan congratulates this soldier and maintains toward the palace. Seferiye is going to the dungeon and asks her father to just accept the punishment. Yusuf receives very irritated together along with his daughter and tells her that she selected the incorrect side. Seferiye begins offevolved arguing together along with her father and says she handiest desires to shop his life.
Besasiri arrives after the lord waits for some time withinside the forest. Seferiye sees a few squaddies coming and assaults them. After speaking to Yinal, Besasiri modifications his plan and as a result saves his life. Seferiye interrogates the squaddies she stuck however can’t analyze some thing from them. Lord methods the cage with the Priest and begins offevolved shouting at Alparslan. Alparslan wakes up and grabs the Lord’s arm.
Grigor realizes that there are spies amongst his squaddies and straight away returns to Ani. Alparslan sees Seferiye on his manner to Vaspurakan. The lord returns to the town and starts offevolved beating his squaddies. The priest calms the Lord and asks him now no longer to damage the innocent. Besasiri blames Alexander, however can’t persuade the Lord. Alparslan is going to Merv together along with his spouse and visits his father.
Alexander says he’s concerned approximately Flora’s life, however his father calms him down. Lord says he’ll ship Besasiri to Surmari and asks his son to visit the castle. Batius starts offevolved to secretly observe the Priest. Tughrul asks Suleiman to forestall speaking to Flora. Some bandits assault Altuncan’s car, however a soldier saves her life.

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