Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Arslan episode 38

In Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu, Past Episode Alparslan looks at the groups of Turks killed in the city and organizes burial services for them.Bozan is fired as Sehver begins to carry out Alparslan’s plan.Kagri learns that a Turk was murdered.Kekicktos began chatting with his son when he arrived at Vaspurakan.This massacre deeply saddened everyone in the tribe.
Alparslan makes a plan after asking Akcha about the car that will take him to Vaspurakan.Alparslan declares that he is the assassin they are looking for as he displays his father Janis’ medal.Kagri tells Suleiman that they must exact revenge on the Byzantines, and Suleiman tries to calm everyone down.The master tries to figure out how the Turks who were freed and the Byzantine soldiers who were protecting them died.
The Byzantine ambassador arrived at the palace a little while later and began chatting with the sultan.Eudocia stood up for Byzantium despite the sultan’s claim that the treaty had been broken.According to Sultan, a Yannis medal is on the scene.Eudokia claims that this medal alone is insufficient evidence.Alparslan then sought permission from the Sultan to transport Janis to the palace.Alparslan is urged to exercise caution and accept Tugrul’s plan.
In this vehicle, Alparslan entered the castle after releasing the prisoners.Inal apologizes to Kagri for his actions from years ago and visits the tribe.After that, Inal began speaking with Suleiman.In the meantime, a car full of slaves manages to enter the castle, though it’s difficult.Bozan discovers that Alparslan is going to enter the palace and sends a mystery message to the man.Suleiman provides troops and assistance to Inal.
Alparslan noticed that the vehicle was empty, but a group of Byzantine soldiers took it away.During this time, Alpagut appears and saves him.Hassan and Alpagut discussed occurrences from the past.Suleiman, a soldier, stated that returning to the tribe would be impossible.Alparslan was led to the dungeon of the castle by Alpagut, who opened the door for him.
All of the soldiers were asked by the general to call Alparslan.Alparslan attempted to scale the wall after realizing he couldn’t use the castle gates.Everyone, with the exception of Hassan, climbed the castle walls after a long struggle.Dukas approached Hassan as he was ascending and began firing at him.Hassan was knocked to the ground when the arrow fired by Dukas struck the rope.Hassan was arrested by God.
Akcha is asked by Lord to inform him whether the prisoners in the dungeon are Alp arslan.They emerged on the sets of Master Janis and different troopers in the prison.Alparslan uses this opportunity to set his friends free.Alpagut secretly imprisons Lord and Akcha when they go to the dungeon to see the prisoners.Alparslan and his troops began searching for a way out of the castle.Yannis frees his father by going to the dungeon.
Because of his actions during the war, Inal believes that he will now control several nations.Akja seeks milkweed and medicine in the forest.They returned to the trunk together after Alparslan saw them in the forest.Yannis began torturing the Turks in the castle at Vaspurakan.Karadja believes Akja is a magician because he keeps watching him from a distance.
According to Tugrul, Beys will no longer be an independent state and that the Sultan alone will be in charge of the nation.A general summoned Diogenes to the Turkish court and asked him to make a deal in order to regain Liparit.Because she was denied the power she desired, Inal was enraged.Bozan claims he killed a traitor when he enters the palace.Alparslan has caused the Sultan ire by concealing this information.


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