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Alp Arsalan Episode 33 Urdu English Subitles

Review of Episode 32
In episode 33 of Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu, Suleiman says he wants to check the gifts he brought for the wedding. Alparslan finds out that the prisoner is active and suddenly sets off to question him. Arslan talks to this assassin beforehand and convinces him to lie. The assassin says he came to the castle to kill Seferie and received the order from Inal. Inal says the assassin lied and has not committed any crime. The prisoner dies shortly afterwards. Alperslan says he will investigate further and sends Inal to his room. Arslan wants Inal to be found guilty and assault as soon as possible. Arslan then enters the garden and makes a new plan. Grus tries to enter her sister’s room, but her guards won’t let her. Alparslan walks into Seferiye’s room while trying to calm his sister down.
The blacksmith does what Yusuf wants and says Inal ordered the assassination. Oke gets angry and kills the blacksmith. Baghdad bandit leader speaks to Tugrul. Tugrul asks these men why they are persecuting people. The bandits do not recognize Tugrul and start speaking ill of the Seljuk Sultan. Tugrul declares himself the leader of the Turks and executes the bandits in his tent. Kaguri finds out what the blacksmith said and looks for a way to uncover the truth. Alparslan says that Yinal will stay in the dungeon and the true culprit will be revealed after a while. Yusuf wants Inal to be Punished after the blacksmith’s death. Alperslan calms Yusuf and says that the Sultan’s orders will come to the castle soon. Gevher cannot take it anymore and tells Alparslan the truth about Yinal. Inal thinks Yusuf made this plan and gets mad at Oke.

As Alperthran moves towards Ani, Suleiman comes and stops him. Suleiman tells Alperslan of Yusuf’s dangerous plans. As Grigor’s daughter Flora was on her way to the castle, a beggar stopped her carriage. Flora gives her beggar money and she starts listening to him. This beggar is Yusuf, who holds Flora hostage. Byzantine soldiers start following Yusuf. Alperslan finds the carriage and learns that Flora has been kidnapped. Flora was able to escape from Yusuf soon afterwards. Suleiman sees Flora, but she does not know that she is her lord’s daughter. Grigor learns that Yusuf has kidnapped Flora and agrees to hand over Inar to save her daughter’s life. Yusuf finds Flora again and begins waiting for the Lord with her. Alexander meets Alperslan, but he doesn’t believe him. Yusuf asks Grigor to kill Inar. Alparslan yells at the Lord to stop.
What would be the Alparsalan new plan to save the nation from the tricks of infidels? How they will manage their resources? What would be the new techniques that they would adopt in competing with the enemies? How they will save their land?

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