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Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 3

Alp Arslan (1026-1072) was the second Seljuk ruler of Persia and Iraq and an individual from the Turkish dynasty which revived Muslim standard in the declining days of the Abbasid caliphate. Alp Arslan, real name Mohammad ibn Daod was born in the Arab state Persian region of Khurasan in 1026.

In Great Seljuks Alp Arslan Episode 2, Alparslan kills the Byzantine Lord who assaulted him and the conflict between the two states starts. The Byzantine armed force attempts to stop the Turks. Albeit the Turkish armed force is little in number, it figures out how to oppose the Byzantine armed force. Ruler Liparit is caught by the Turks during the conflict. Diogenes and the General understand that they will lose the conflict. Akca sees a snake under Caghri’s cushion and kills it. Karaca feels that Akca is attempting to kill Caghri and promptly calls the warriors. Akca professes to save Caghri’s life despite the fact that she put the snake on the edge of the bed herself and gains the trust of individuals in the clan. Akca then, at that point, goes to the timberland and gets the mysterious message sent by Kekaumenos. It just so happens, Akca is really a Christian covert agent working for Byzantium.

The general understands that they will lose the conflict and orders his enduring officers to withdraw. The Turks then, at that point, start to commend the triumph. Alparslan and different fighters go to the royal residence to give the insight about the triumph to the Sultan. Ruler compliments everybody and permits Alparslan to go to his tent. The overall re-visitations of the palace and lets the Lord know what occurred in the conflict. Inal imagines that a few grounds will currently be influenced quite a bit by due to what he did in the conflict. Akca goes to the woodland to plan medication and gets milk from a wolf. Alparslan sees her in the woodland and afterward they return to the clan together. Yannis goes to the palace in Vaspurakan and starts to torment the Turks there. Karaca keeps on watching Akca from far off and feels that she is a wizard.

Alparslan first tells everybody in the clan and afterward his dad that they won the conflict. Akca starts to get ready medication for Caghri. Akca goes to Caghri’s tent by and by and says that she has arranged medication for him, yet Karaca begins yelling at her. Karaca says that Akca is doing secret things, however Selcan slaps her for the impolite words she said. Tughrul starts to eat with the saints who took part in the conflict. While Sultan is saying that Alparslan battled like a legend, the vizier starts to adulate Inal. Tughrul says that from this point forward, just the Sultan will lead the state and the Beys will presently don’t have an autonomous land. To get Liparit back, General sends Diogenes to the Turkish royal residence and requests that he make an arrangement. Inal blows up on the grounds that he can’t get the power he needs. Bozan goes to the castle and says that he killed the trickster. King blows up with Alparslan for concealing this data.

Alparslan says that the swindler they are searching for isn’t dead yet, however the Sultan requests that he stop this examination. The Sultan’s vizier starts to express the particulars of the ceasefire. Diogenes says that the Byzantine Emperor will acknowledge everything aside from the yearly duty, and the Sultan then, at that point, endorses the understanding. Alparslan takes Liparit and decides to go to Ani Castle. Diogenes gets back to Ani and tells everybody the particulars of the truce. Akca returns to the timberland and gets another mysterious message, however meanwhile, Suleiman shows up. Akca drops her jewelry there and gets back to the clan. A few outlaws assault the officers conveying Liparit, however Alparslan stops this assault. Alparslan inspects the dead groups of the aggressors and understands that the genuine swindler is as yet alive. Akca gets back to the backwoods to get her jewelry, yet can’t track down it.

Akca gets back to the clan and goes to Caghri’s tent indeed. Caghri says thanks to Akca for relieving his ailment. Alparslan goes to Ani Castle with Liparit and says that he has stayed dedicated to the arrangement. Master gives a chest of gold to Alparslan and says that the Muslim Turks in Vaspurakan will be delivered soon. General kills Liparit and later sees Diogenes conversing with Evdokya. General needs Diogenes to be the new legislative leader of Vaspurakan rather than Tortunel. The Lord dismisses this proposition and advises Yannis to become lead representative. Ruler makes Diogenes the administrator of the fighters in the palace and requests that he work with Yannis. Alparslan brings the gold he purchased from Ani to his dad. While Akca is singing, Hassan sees her and converses with him for some time.

Suleiman converses with Karaca and realizes what occurred in the clan. Alparslan then, at that point, lets his dad know that he actually presumes Bozan. Karaca hears what is being said in the tent and converses with Suleiman. Suleiman blows up with Alparslan for his allegations against Bozan, however Caghri stops his children. That evening, Diogenes goes to Yannis’ room and praises him on his new task. Diogenes says something regarding the Turks who will leave Vaspurakan. Yannis concocts an arrangement and slips into one of the rooms in the palace. Yannis makes an impression on his dad’s union on the eastern line. In the interim, Diogenes’ associate takes Yannis’ decoration from his room. Bozan accepts Yannis’ message, yet he thinks the Lord sent it. The following day, Karaca converses with Akca and starts to lie about her. Individuals from the clan are upset by this occasion.

Alparslan goes to a spot in the woods to meet the Turks coming from Vaspurakan and begins to stand by there. While the Turks are going to the gathering place with the Byzantine fighters, a few outlaws begin to assault. The outlaws kill everybody coming and escape from that point. Yannis meanders among the dead bodies and is glad that the Turks are not free. Soon after, Diogenes shows up and places Yannis’ award in the possession of one of the dead individuals. In the wake of hanging tight for quite a while, Alparslan faculties that something isn’t right and starts searching for the Turks. While Akca is attempting to comprehend the reason why Karaca acted this way, she gets back to her tent and sees that her accessory, which she lost in the backwoods, is on her pad. Akca begins to ponder who brought this accessory, however Hassan comes before long. While Akca is paying attention to Hassan, she recollects her youth. Akca is really a Turk who was grabbed by the Lord years prior, and she went to the clan to think that she is genuine dad. Akca understands that her dad is Hassan. Alparslan sees the killed Turks and figures that Yannis did it.


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