Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 24

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 24

In last episode, Alparslan requested to Sehver, but couldn’t kind out a unmarried factor from her. Sehver despatched her own circle of relatives and father from her palace for the reason that she turned into apprehensive through Bozan. Alparslan noticed some thing sketchy and back into the palace via a perplexing underpass. Caghri met with Tughrul and advocated him to do what need to be completed properly away.
Tughrul stated they want to accumulate each one of the large subtleties first. Once extra bozan were given Alparslan withinside the palace even as subtly bantering with Sehver, and drove him out of the imperial home. The for the maximum part’s holy human beings actually explored every of the rooms withinside the palace and located a tale masking with a thriller code on it. Diogenes stated that the Turks traded their records therefore and began out to examine every promoting ground masking watching. At Bozan’s business, Sehver went to the extended family and cited all her own circle of relatives to live farfar from the regal home. While Sehver turned into leaving the tent, she covertly tossed a bit of paper at the ground.
Diogenes researched a supplier and found out Akinay’s call from the short evaluate he had. Diogenes then, at that point, went to suitable Akinay with a bit of his managers. Suleiman familiar the income from Sehver with a main on the bleeding edge . In this manner, Alparslan handily superior throughout the wild and well-known wherein the Shehzades have been. While Alparslan turned into killing the comedians, Bozan observed everything. Bozan stated that now he predicted to take the metropolis and ship his contenders to every vicinity withinside the metropolis. While going over the thriller message at the ground masking, Akinay noticed that Alpagut turned into now no longer dead
Karaca went over what turned into formed on that paper and went to communicate with Bozan immediately away. Bozan stated he could make Suleiman Sultan. Whenever Karaca back to the own circle of relatives, she permit Suleiman in on wherein the Shehzades have been and satisfied him to are seeking after this open doorway. Suleiman confirmed up on the royal house and stated he turned into assisting Bozan. Suleiman then, at that point, unnoticeably went to Sehver’s room and advised her to make a bearing to the contenders on the line.


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