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Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 20 English & Urdu Subtitles

In Alp arslan last episode, Kekaumenos is extraordinarily dissatisfied for murdering his toddler and wishes vengeance. Yannis’ companion comes and says Alp agut is a backstabber. Akca watch that Alp arslan stored Hasan and receives lower back to the tribe. Alp agut says he’s guiltless. General poses questions to Alp agut and Yannis’ aide. Kekaumenos kills Yannis’ aide. Caghri is going to the fort at the units of the Sultan.

The Lord asks that Alp Arslan is responsible for his toddler’s death and asks him for Alp Arslan. The Sultan dismisses this proposition. The Lord says that assuming the Sultan doesn’t supply Alp arslan, he’s going to attack with all of the Byzantine armed forces. Alp Arslan then, receives lower back to the tribe with Hasan. The grasp move lower back to his palace and says that he’s going to raid the Seljuk soon. While Bozan is getting Shehzad in his home, Alp Arslan comes.

The ruler then, at that factor, subtly gathers Akca to the palace. In the suggest time, a car involves the palace. Ruler conceder that Sultan despatched Alp Arslan and is going in the direction of the car. Tughrul and Caghri get away the car. Tughrul says he won’t supply Alp arslan. The Lord is extraordinarily surprised with the aid of using the existing condition and begins offevolved to investigate the award in Tughrul’s grasp. The Sultan tells that Yanis is responsible for the slaughter and this is the motive the Lord ought to supply the palace to the seljokes. Master knows that Evdukya and the General are hidding the reality.

Alp arslan imagines that Akca is a trickster, but fails to assist now. Diago incubates an association to assist the Lord. Diogenes requests that his accomplice compose a message. Karaja then, contends with Suleiman and inform him that he devoted an blunders approximately Alp Arslan. Ruler requests that Akca kill Alp arslan. Akca is tremendously astonished with the aid of using this. Akca says that shall we anticipate she kills Alp Arslan, the Turks will kill her also, and requests that her dad quiet down.

Diago brings the message he determined in Yannis’ room and shall we him recognise that the Lord’s mysterious accomplice helped him. The Sultan name for Jergha that nighttime approximately the imminent issues. Tughrul says that Suleiman will lead the Vaspurakan attack and requests that Alp arslan take the gold to the bottom camp. Inal plans to speak with a few extraordinary warriors withinside the army to obliterate Suleiman’s standing. Master is going to a resort and meets Bozan.

That sunset, they made celebrations with inside the tribe. Alp arslan and Akca dance. Karaca is extraordinarily surprized with the aid of using the existing situation. Alp arslan advises Hassan that he wishes to regulate the Sultan’s perspective. Hassan requests that Alp arslan preserve even headed and post to the Sultan’s organization. The subsequent day, Alp Arslan sends to Akca roses and embarks to take the chests brimming with gold.

Hassan tells Alp Arslan now no longer to move in strugglefare alone, however instead he doesn’t pay attention to him. Diogenes’ warriors out of nowhere embody Alp arslan. The grasp then, at that factor, sends a combatant and tries to kill Alp arslan. This warrior comes up short, but the Lord sends another. At the factor whilst Alp arslan kills this fighter, this time the Lord assaults. Atabey starts offevolved attempting to find Alp arslan withinside the woodland. Alp Arslan knows that tekfur is the only who made raid his tribe years ago.


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