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In Alparslan previous Episode, Kutalmis asks the Lord to take her son’s body and leave the inn. Suleiman is angry with Alparslan and claims he still wants the throne. The Lord speaks to Alparslan one last time and returns to Ania. Suleiman says he wants to speak to Flora, but Alparslan stops him. Alparslan asks Suleiman to talk to the other tribes and convince them not to join the Kutalmis.

rebels attack Alparslan and war breaks out in the tribe. Alparslan captures Celal after the war and says he will kill him. Altuncan immediately comes to the tribe and says he will take his son to the palace. Suleiman warns fellow rebel Bey and asks him to end his relationship with Kutalmis. Gevher asks Erbaskan to do something and get more power.Seferiye suspects Erbaskan and asks the soldier to follow him.

Erbaskan says he will check the offer but doesn’t know where the treasure is. Alparslan goes to Surmari and shows Kutalmis the heads of the people he killed. Erbaskan secretly goes to Ania’s house and finds Oke. Oke finds out what Kutalmis is up to and starts explaining his plan to Erbaskan.Oke says he won’t give Pan the treasure but will force him to attack Alparslan.

After saying goodbye to his wife, Alparslan goes on a treasure hunt. Leon and Grigor prepare with the soldiers to go where Oke told them to go. Gevher reads the letter left by the Erbaskan and sneaks away on his horse. Seferiye follows Gevher.Alparslan goes to the location indicated by Erbaskan and starts digging for the treasure. Hassan says Oke may have had a devious plan.

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