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In Alparslan preceding Episode, Yinal receives very irritated together along with his spouse and asks her to stab him. Alparslan says the Turks will by no means give up. Lord executes 3 squaddies. Yinal then asks his spouse to injure him yet again with an arrow. Alparslan begins offevolved to search for a manner to get out of the motel. Seferiye starts offevolved to speak approximately the injuries on Alparslan’s hands.

Alparslan kills the squaddies at the partitions after a brief time and takes complete manage of the motel. Grigor attempts to provide Alparslan a deal, however can’t convince him to give up. Alparslan says he’s going to by no means give up and could take his revenge at the Lord regardless of what. Alparslan says that he’s going to discover

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