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Alp Arslan Episode 50 Urdu and English Subtitles

In Alparslan Previos Episode, Suleiman warns Kutalmis for the last time and asks him to leave the palace. Kutalmis thinks Suleiman is lying and asks his dogfaces to check the barrels. Alparslan destroys Suleiman’s dogfaces in a short time and goes to check on his woman . Selcan says that Seferiye’s crack is veritably heavy and that’s why they’ve to go to the palace.

The vizier doesn’t want to let Seferiye into the palace, but Suleiman stops him. Suleiman allows the palace croakers to heal Seferiye. Leon says they can use Seferiye against Alparslan. Kutalmis returns to Gerdkuh with his dogfaces and kills the unfaithful dogfaces there. Suleiman starts talking to his mama and apologizes to her for what happed in Vaspurakan.

The vizier incontinently objects to Leon and says that the state isn’t hysterical of attacking intricate. Leon asks Suleiman for Gence to keep the peace. Suleiman says it’s too parlous to give Gence openly to Byzantium. Leon begins to explain his plan and convinces Suleiman. While Alparslan is going to the palace with his dogfaces, Selcan comes and stops her son. Selcan says that Seferiye is in good condition, but the baby has failed.

Alparslan incontinently goes to Gerdkuh and starts talking to Kutalmis. While Kutalmis is trying to understand what’s going on, Alparslan begins to tell Suleiman’s secret plan. Suleiman is impressed by what the Vizir said and says that Seferiye will stay in the palace. Kutalmis agrees to help Alparslan in order not to lose Gence. Alparslan explains the attack plan and starts preparing for a big attack with Kutalmis.

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