Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp arslan Episode 49

In Alp Arslan last episode, Suleiman is veritably surprised and angry when he sees that Alp Arslan is still alive. Lord orders his dogfaces to kill Alp Arslan, but Leon stops everyone. Leon says that Alp Arslan will attack Vaspurakan with his dogfaces. Lord says formerly again that Alp Arslan must die. Aybars gives orders to his dogfaces to save Alp Arslan. Leon stops the Turks and chains Alp Arslan to the wall. A small war breaks out between the Turks and the intricate dogfaces.

Hassan sends word to the dogfaces in the border area and enters the megacity with a many others. Hassan sees dead intricate dogfaces and realizes commodity is wrong. The Vizier goes to Gerdkuh and says he’ll execute Kutalmis in the palace. While Hassan is trying to understand the situation in the castle, the intricate dogfaces, who pretended to be dead, suddenly begin to attack. Suleiman realizes that the war in the megacity will escalate and he wants to flee with the Lord.

After the Lord’s departure, Alp Arslan kills the remaining intricate dogfaces and recaptures Vaspurakan. Suleiman, along with a many of his dogfaces, tries to repel. Alp Arslan enters the room and asks Suleiman to surrender. Akinay says that Seferiye is pregnant. Alp Arslan orders Suleiman to be taken to the dungeon.

Kutalmis enters a delve with his family. The vizier sends some of his dogfaces to the delve , but can not capture Kutalmis. Leon says that he’ll soon abduct Suleiman and that he’ll recapture the throne. The vizier says he doesn’t want to stay any longer and blows up the entrance of the delve . Seferiye learns that Alparslan has reacquired Vaspurakan and incontinently sets out to talk to her hubby.

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