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Alp Arslan Episode 32 Urdu and English Subtitles

AlpArslan Episode 32
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Alparslan goes to Ani with his family upon the invitation of Grigor. The Lord welcomes his guests and tells them that there will be an execution in the castle. Alparslan understands that Alpagut will die, but does not say anything. Grigor carefully looks at the Turks who come to the castle and soon orders the execution. Akinay watches her son’s execution, but does not react. Grigor changes his mind and cuts the rope around Alpagut’s neck. Alparslan says he knew Alpagut and did not see him in Vaspurakan on the day of the war. Lord asks some questions about Alpagut. Alparslan says he wants to buy Alpagut. Grigor says that all Christians are very valuable and orders Alpagut to go to the infirmary. Oke realizes that Seferiye’s assistant is doing something secret and catches her when she is about to kill Gevher.

Byzantine soldiers use snakes to scare off thoroughbred horses. The scared horses start running towards the Byzantine territory. The guards try to catch the horses, but the Byzantine soldiers do not allow them to cross the border. Alparslan sees the merchants leaving the inn and realizes that his plan worked. While Oke is talking about Zeren, Erbaskan comes. Erbaskan asks Yinal’s permission to marry Gevher. First, Yinal then Oke says that they do not support this decision of Erbaskan. Hassan tells the merchants who come to the castle about their new rights and insurance agreement. Before the wedding, Selcan gives Seferiye a dress as a gift and warns her for the last time. After Selcan leaves the room, Seferiye gives Zeren a secret message and asks her to send it to Bukhara. Alexander takes the horses they caught to a secret cave and says he will keep them there for a while.

Alparslan orders this assassin to be taken to the doctor and says he will find out who this man is working for. Gevher says Seferiye is guilty. Oke mentions the secret message. Gulce says she hasn’t received any messages from her sister. The Lord returns to the castle and says that he is the one who planned this assassination. The Lord then calls Rezan and tells him that from now on he will be a Byzantine spy. The assassin wakes up after a while and says that he got the attack order from Yinal.

What would be the next update about the new war? How Alp Arsalan will bear the loss of loved ones life? Will they bear the difficulties alongwith? What would happen if AlpArsalan marry to the lady he like? How’s the situation comes good?




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