Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 7

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 7

In Alparslan past episode, Kekaumenos is extremely upset for murdering his child and needs vengeance. Yannis’ associate comes and says Alpagut is a backstabber. Akca watch that Alparslan saved Hasan and gets back to the tribe. Alpagut says he is guiltless. General poses inquiries to Alpagut and Yannis’ aide. Kekaumenos kills Yannis’ aide. Caghri goes to the castle on the sets of the Sultan.

The Lord asks that Alp Arslan is liable for his child’s demise and asks him for Alp Arslan. The Sultan dismisses this proposition. The Lord says that assuming the Sultan doesn’t give Alparslan, he will assault with all the Byzantine armed forces. Alp Arslan then, gets back to the tribe with Hasan. The master go back to his palace and says that he will raid the Seljuk soon. While Bozan is getting Shehzad in his home, Alp Arslan comes.

The ruler then, at that point, subtly gathers Akca to the palace. In the mean time, a vehicle comes to the palace. Ruler conceder that Sultan sent Alp Arslan and goes towards the vehicle. Tughrul and Caghri escape the vehicle. Tughrul says he won’t give Alparslan. The Lord is extremely amazed by the present circumstance and starts to analyze the award in Tughrul’s grasp. The Sultan tells that Yanis is liable for the slaughter and that is the reason the Lord should give the palace to the seljokes. Master understands that Evdukya and the General are hidding the reality.

Alparslan imagines that Akca is a trickster, however fails to help now. Diago incubates an arrangement to help the Lord. Diogenes requests that his partner compose a message. Karaja then, contends with Suleiman and tell him that he committed an error about Alp Arslan. Ruler requests that Akca kill Alparslan. Akca is exceptionally astonished by this. Akca says that lets assume she kills Alp Arslan, the Turks will kill her also, and requests that her dad quiet down.

Diago brings the message he found in Yannis’ room and lets him know that the Lord’s mysterious partner helped him. The Sultan call for Jergha that evening about the forthcoming issues. Tughrul says that Suleiman will lead the Vaspurakan assault and requests that Alparslan take the gold to the base camp. Inal plans to converse with some incredible warriors in the military to obliterate Suleiman’s standing. Master goes to a motel and meets Bozan.

That sunset, they made celebrations in the tribe. Alparslan and Akca dance. Karaca is extremely surprized by the present situation. Alparslan advises Hassan that he needs to alter the Sultan’s perspective. Hassan requests that Alparslan keep even headed and submit to the Sultan’s organization. The next day, Alp Arslan sends to Akca roses and embarks to take the chests brimming with gold.

Hassan tells Alp Arslan not to go in war alone, but rather he doesn’t listen to him. Diogenes’ warriors out of nowhere encompass Alparslan. The master then, at that point, sends a combatant and attempts to kill Alparslan. This warrior comes up short, yet the Lord sends another. At the point when Alparslan kills this fighter, this time the Lord assaults. Atabey begins searching for Alparslan in the woodland. Alp Arslan understands that tekfur is the one who made raid his tribe years ago.

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