Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 22

Alp Arslan buyuk selcuklu Episode 22

In Alp Arslan remaining episode, the medical doctor said that the poison in God’s body can be very strong. Diogenes asked the alchemist for the antidote. The alchemist said that he had given God the only antidote in advance than and it become now no longer feasible to make a contemporary one. God is lack of lifestyles slowly. Bozan talks to his soldiers and says they’ll take revenge on the sultan quickly.

After consuming the antidote, God started to heal and prayed to God. At first the man or woman become indignant with the wellknown, but later he thanked him. Alp Arslan informed the sultan about the contemporary deal he had made collectively alongside together along with his hold close and this made the sultan happier.

The tribal ladies rested withinside the wooded area for a while and then persevered on their way. The Bozan army attacks the ladies of the tribe. Akca is improperly injured at the same time as shielding Gevher. On the way decrease returned to the lowest, Alp Arslan observed what become happening with inside the wooded area and saved the ladies from the enemy. Alp Arslan sees Akcha injured and proper away takes movement to hold her.

Meanwhile, Alp Arslan came to the citadelress. Alp Arslan blames the hold close for attacking the ladies and asks the decision of his thriller partner. Master says he’s aware about nothing, but Alp Arslan says he’ll kill him next time. As he become seeking to apprehend how Akcha become doing, Hassan overheard him calling him dad. Some tribal ladies introduced Akcha’s assets to the headquarters. When Lord speaks to Diogenes, Alp agut says Akcha become drastically injured with inside the attack. Alp Arslan is going returned to base and visits Aakcha. Alp Arslan is sad to appearance Akca.

In Alp Arslan, Bozan left the lodge collectively alongside together along with his ejector. Akinai tries to protect Akca, but Karadja maintains his accusations. Alp Arslan does now now no longer tell anyone about his doubts and asks Karadzha to stop. Göktug met with Sultan that night time time and heard His offer. Master said that Göktug should manage him as quickly as he captured the citadelress.

Batur left the lowest to meet Inal. Eudocia and God believed the plan worked. Lord requested Diagones to visit the lowest with the soldiers. Inal told the Turkmen people that he become now the governor of Mosul and told them about his past help.

Diogenes took Goktug hostage to break out from the battlefield. Bozan observed that Alp Arslan had entered a thriller tunnel and determined out that Kekaumenos had already come to be an enemy. Alp Arslan sent his troops decrease returned to base and started following Akcha. Diogenes returns to the citadelress with Göktug. Hassan visit base and watches the Seljuk flag there. Inal says she saved the citadelress from enemies and now she is in manage.

Inal believes severa international locations will now be beneathneath his manage because of what he did with inside the war. Akja goes to the wooded area to make medicine and get milkweed. Alp Arslan observed them with inside the wooded area and then they returned to the trunk collectively. Yannis went to the citadelress at Vaspurakan and started torturing the Turks there. Karadja keeps searching Akja from a distance and thinks he’s a magician.

Tugrul says that any similarly only the Sultan will rule the us of the us and Beys will now no longer have an unbiased state. To regain Lipaarit, a widely recognized sent Diagones to the Turkish adalat docket and asked him to make a deal. Inal become indignant that she didn’t get the energy she wanted. Bozan entails palace and says he killed traitor.

Akja returns to the wooded area and receives each different thriller message, but Suleiman arrives withinside the meantime. Akja locations her necklace there and returns to the tribe. Several bandits raid the soldiers looking Liparit, but Alp Arslan stopped this attack. Alp Arslan examines the attacker’s body and reveals that the real traitor stays alive. Akcha goes decrease returned to the wooded area to get her necklace, but can’t find out it.


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