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Alp Episode 36 Urdu

In previous episode Alp Arslan privately took an motion to defend his partners from execution. Lord got here to realize that alp Arsalan became looking to stop the execution and ordered his squaddies to seize Alp Arsalan. Hasssan and seferiye got here to store alp arslan. Suleiman became helped via way of means of plant life in hiding. Alpagut became attempting to reveal a mystery room to Suleiman then they have been observed via way of means of alexander. Alexander became locked via way of means of alpagut in a room and taken Suleiman to the lord. Alp Arslan got here lower back to the fortress together along with his partners after a few time. Alpagut became allowed via way of means of a lord to take Sulaiman to a secure region.

Alpagut get the advantage of this possibility and freed Suleiman from the squaddies of Byzantine. Seferiye became thanked via way of means of alp Arslan for what he did. During this, an order from the sultan got here to the palace. Alp Arsalan got here to realize that he needed to flow to Baghdad and began out to suppose that medical doctors might make an antidote for the poison. Yusuf made a plan to defend his existence and referred to as many troops from Bukhara.

Alparslaan noticed a dream and upon getting up he got here to realize that he had reached Baghdad. Alp Arslan were given an antidote made via way of means of a health practitioner from the Vizier. he became requested via way of means of him to visit a secure region. Besasiri got here to realize that alparslan had reached the metropolis of Baghdad and therefore, he requested his soldier to seize Alp Arsalan. However, Alp Arslan became now no longer captured via way of means of the spies however they took vizier to besasiri. Alp Arslan and his squaddies moved to a shielding region and started out to contemplate achieving the palace. With the order of Alp Arslan, Seferiya became enthroned however this example became now no longer appreciated via way of means of Oke.

The squaddies have been despatched via way of means of Yusuf to the border of byzantine and together along with his guests, he got here to the fortress. Yusuf informed that at dawn every body might be killed via way of means of him withinside the fortress and get the throne. Alp Arslan talked with a secret agent and got here to realize approximately the vicinity of the vizier. Then alparslan got here to the palace via way of means of following the manner the vizier informed him. Alp arslan became aksed via way of means of calip to take the black stone lower back from besasiri. Alp Arslan took this undertaking and upon getting dressed up like a commander from Egypt he got here out to speak with besasiri.

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